Blippar koopt Layar

12 juni 2014

Some consolidation – or augmentation, if you will — in the world of augmented reality. Blippar — an image recognition platform used in digital advertising — has acquired Layar, an augmented reality platform used across different applications (from advertising to education) that uses cameras on devices like smartphones to inject virtual elements into real-world images in real time.

Blippar koopt layar

Blippar is not officially commenting on the acquisition, noting, “We cannot comment on market speculation at this stage, but Blippar is dedicated to growing the global marketplace for immersive, engaging content, and part of this strategy may include acquisitions later in the year.”

But we have sourced a memo from Blippar’s CEO and co-founder, Ambarish Mitra, announcing the deal that we have confirmed is genuine. From what we understand, the deal was planned to be announced officially on June 19.

We haven’t been able to nail down the terms of the deal but we are trying to find out. To date, London/NYC-based Blippar, founded in 2011, has raised an undisclosed amount from Qualcomm Ventures. Netherlands-based Layar, founded in 2009, has raised some $17 million from Intel Capital, Sunstone and others.

More recently, at least one of Layar’s co-founders, Raimo van der Klein, has moved on to do other things, such as this Google Glass app that lets you nod to pay for items.


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